29 março, 2010

Mallary - óculos #12

Além da coleção de óculos, a Mallary trouxe para cá também a sua gata.
E vou confessar, essa foi a foto mais complicada da série. Conseguir acalmar o bicho com esses óculos na cabeça levou mais de meia hora.

A poesia escolhida foi escrita para a avó dos chás.


How do you describe someone
Who has made you who you are,
Someone who has painted
the Gold in your soul,
and brushed each stroke of
color that fulfills your life.

How do you thank someone
For helping you to see,
Who sprinkled magic fairy dust
So you could fly away,
Who read to you of worlds beyond,
To brighten up your own.

How do you tell someone you love her
For the tiny things she’s done,
The night “Tally Po” became a nightmare,
The time when thunder and lightening
Shattered the serenity.
Each time she was there,
To help you be brave.

This is how I’ll she you Nan,
That I will never forget
The times we spent through all the years,
In the cellar,
Painting, laughing, creating.

I’ll live my life through enchanted eyes,
Knowing you are always there,
To be my Tabbitha Cat.

Mallary Anderson

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